• Do you struggle with not having enough hours in the day to focus on what you love doing best, that is spending time with your clients or doing what you want to do in your personal life?
    • Do you feel overwelmed by being constantly bombarded with information on the latest marketing technique that comes into your newsfeed 
    • Are you continually concerned that your marketing efforts are the most efficient and effective

           Have no fear. I am here to help!

    I can help you:

    • Take away the responsibility of managing your time consuming digital marketing routine operations
    • Get clarity on your marketing strategy, who you are, your target audience, your goals and how to achieve them
    • Help you analyse your results so you can fine tune your strategy
    • Find the right clients that will be loyal to your brand
    • Add value to your business by building a qualified email list and sophisticated CRM system
    • Build your online audience and followers
    • Drive more traffic to your site
    • Increase conversion rates of leads or subscribers to sales
    • Launch your online products or services and manage pre and post launch activities
    • Develop relationships with your customers through engagement
    • Build your brand presence and reputation online

    No client is too big or small. I service solo entrepeneurs to large global corporates, team based virtual assistants, online business operators, online marketing agencies and consultants


    You can be an expert or a novice. If you are experienced in handling online service providers, understand online marketing implementation and strategy or you have limited experience in any of these, I will relish the opportunity to work with you to get the best possible outcome

  • Digital MARKETING Services

    • Consulting on strategy and different software applications
    • Blog Management
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Landing Page Creation
    • Product Launches and Funnel Creation including Webinars
    • Customer Service

    Systems I am familiar with include:

    • Blog Management: Adobe Business Catalyst, WordPress
    • Email Marketing: Adobe Business Catalyst, MailChimp, Infusionsoft
    • Social Media Marketing: Feedly, Buffer, Sprout Social, CoSchedule, YouTube, Facebook including FB Ads
    • Landing Page Creation: Clickfunnels, LeadPages, Unbounce, 
    • Product Launches: GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, Clickfunnels
    • Customer Service: Zendesk
    • Project Management: and communication: Asana, ActiveCollab, Slack, Sype



      A professional marketer on your team

      Having 8 years experience in marketing means if you speak marketing I get you, and if you don't, you can feel comfortable that we can work together to create the best marketing solution.


      More free time to focus on moving your business forward and your personal life

      I can do this by:

      • Taking the burden off you in running the day-to-day online marketing operations. You can literally just hand over the responsibility and let me run with it whilst knowing I will check in with you when I need direction
      • Leading the way in quality workflow by being proactive and using a project management tool
      • Requiring minimal supervision and training. I'll just need to learn about your business and any specific requirements you may have. I am resourceful in using my networks and other relevant sources to support me. I am also very persistent when it comes to problem solving and actually enjoy a good challenge!

      An easy and enjoyable working experience

      • Working as an EA particularly has taught me the need for good communication when working together and always consider the best approach. I delivering messages concisely and in a timely manner taking into consideration other people’s busy workload. Working in the right tools online, for example a project management system, facilitates good communication virtually
      • I provide clarity in defining tasks and roles in order to manage your expectations

      An adaptable team member that makes things happen

      • I am familiar with a broad range of online marketing tools learnt by studying several exceptional courses delivered virtually by succesful online marketing practitioners and online business owners
      • Drawing from my experience in many process-led companies, I have the ability to pick up new systems and tools fast
      • I have project managed numerous projects. Taking a methodical, organised approach I reach the desired outcome

      Added value to your business

      • Being proactive by reviewing processes, producing and maintaining checklists and improving workflows, I can add value to your business. In this way, you have a standard up-to-date operating system that can be passed on to any person, allowing a collaborative working culture within your business

      The care factor

      • I am reliable in meeting deadlines
      • You can trust that I have your back by taking care of the small but important things. For example, proactively creating a link to a relevant page on your site when formatting a blog post
      • I am mindful and organised in my approach which allows me to be fully present to the task at hand 

      A committed team member

      I’m in it for the long term. I am motivated by:

      • Enjoying working in different software systems
      • Learning continually to be the most effective I possibly can be  
      • Working in a collaborative working environment within many different online communities
      • Being of service is the rewarding and fulfilling
      • About Me

        Hi, I am Deborah and I am a UK based digital marketing service provider

        Why I like working virtually

        Working virtually gives me the flexibility to work in any location. It also gives me the opportunity to enjoy some daily rituals. An early morning run by the river hearing the birds singing, the occasional kayak at my local club or attend my favourite yoga class. Pursuing these activities, especially my daily yoga practice, makes me who I am and allows me to be very focused when I sit down at my computer to work and generally clear thinking and energised


        Passion for marketing

        I’m very excited at the prospect of offering my services to you. You see I had a light bulb moment. I have fallen back in love with marketing again after observing how companies now engage with their audience and acknowledging the growth of the number of interesting businesses and entrepeneurs online who harness the power of the internet. It’s the future and I want to be part of it! I am curious to learn what works and doesn’t work in marketing strategies, the analysis, the continual testing and improvement. It’s great to work together with a team or individual, being part of the creative process giving the audience, customer or client confidence in the company and it’s offerings


        Training and Support

        I have studied several ground breaking online marketing programmes that give me the capability and confidence to offer digital marketing strategy and implementation services. I am a member of several online marketing support networks, am well connected in the digital marketing space and feel fully supported with my mentors, network and resources. From time to time I may take on a team member, if appropriate for client requirements. I am a member of the Institute of Direct Marketing


        My Background

        My digital marketing skills update my 8 years’ marketing experience when I worked for an internet marketing company back in the Dot-Com years in the 80’s and subsequently in a law firm where I implemented many marketing strategies for example, building and managing a website, project managing creative and IT suppliers and marketing an online legal service


        In my EA capacity I have worked with many busy executives across the globe and am always considerate to their need for time and saving it! The executives I service trust me to get on with the job and I take on their system/process responsibilities, as this is the bit I enjoy and they don’t, so it has been a win-win situation


        My ultimate goal as a service provider

        I find fulfilment in providing a reliable and exceptional service, having a good relationship with all who I service and ultimately be the go-to person for digital marketing services

      • LET'S CHAT!

        I would be delighted to hear from you to discuss your needs and requirements. We can then establish if we are a good fit, what we can do together and how it would work.

      • CONTACT ME